In a recent report, Steve Kleynhans, analyst from world reputed IT research organization Gartner; said, the enterprises should now consider to dump their Windows 8.1 deployment plan in awake of the Windows 10 news. Gartner revealed that for enterprises it is more worthy to migrate to Windows 10 from the Windows 7 instead of having the Windows 8 or 8.1 for the upgradation.

According to the report, Windows 8 and 8.1 cannot be seen as the right choice for enterprises as the enterprise wide OS solution; instead organizations should look into their physical and nonphysical resources to plan them for Windows 10. And if they consider the resource allocation intelligently, surely the enterprises will find the Windows 7 to be a better controlled platform to migrate into Windows 10 then the Windows 8 and 8.1. (more…)

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Skype ditches its upgradation service for Windows 8.

The popular video chat app of Microsoft, the Skype, will no more create the update for Windows 8 app. It has planned to go back its conventional desktop version app.

Microsoft product Skype is backing it away from the interfaces which are touch centric in Windows 10. In a press brief, the Skype team has announced that the Skype is planning to ditch the modern version of the Windows – Window 8 – of its video messaging app on the personal computers on July 7, 2015. Later, the nest update will bring the desktop release. (more…)

Windows 8 is the latest Microsoft operating system designed mainly to be relevant for tablets and smartphones. It best suits finger-focused touchscreen devices but can however be installed on PC’s although it is not as fun to use without a touchscreen.

Many people have avoided Windows 8 due to its lack of user friendliness especially on PC’s. It has always been a custom for Windows users to have a start button at the bottom left of their screen but the lack of a start menu on Windows 8 might be just but among the many reasons people avoid Windows 8.

However, there are a couple of simple steps that can assist you in personalizing your Windows 8 to look more like an earlier version of Windows. (more…)

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For the first time ever since their release, this June the Windows 8 & 8.1 together have beat the Windows XP – the second most popular and widely used OS for desktops around the globe. Web Tracker Net Applications in its recent release reported that for long, more than 13 years now, Windows XP remained the best known OS globally for desktop computers with over 14.6% share. However, after Windows XPs release, Microsoft, the OS maker, released number of OSs’ including the Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 but none of them could continue succeeding a volume share of the global OS market. (more…)

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If you are looking to check Windows 8 updates then follow the steps below, at first, by connecting your computer with the internet.

  1. Go to start screen, click on the Desktop tile. Once the Desktop screen appears, place your mouse on the upper right corner to get the charm bars. Charm bars are one that appear when you click for it.
  2. In the charm bar click on the Settings option and from there select the Control Panel.
  3. Inside the control panel you will find all the lists of options. But you may not find the Windows update option there. (more…)
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Probably, you don’t like the arrangement what is on your Windows 8.1 desktop if you have used Windows 7 of XP earlier! If you don’t like this at all, here are few ways that can make your operating system more bearable. (more…)

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If who have recently got a new PC or a laptop with Windows 8 and are not really comfortable with its new interface, then here’s a good news for you. Start Menu 8 which is designed by IO Bit is the software that will take you back to your comfort zone of classic Windows Start menu (present up to Win 7), plus will also provide you with stylish options to customize your Start menu. With this software, the Windows 8 users can login straightaway to the desktop while avoiding boot to the Metro start page altogether. You can apply some wonderful Start button icons and even customize the Start menu by creating different groups and adding items to them. The beauty of this software is that apart from Windows 8, it can even be used on systems with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. (more…)

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Everyone love Window Sidebar Gadgets. Gadgets make your work easier and handy. 8GadgetPack is currently shipped with more than 40 gadgets for you to play with. Apart from the traditional gadgets such as clock, weather, calendar or slideshow, you will also find useful gadgets that display detailed and real-time information about your disk drives, network, processor load, temperature etc. (more…)

1. Download and install:

2. Create new folder, for example „c:\Tp\“

3. Download Turbo Pascal ( and extract all files from to c:\Tp\ (more…)