You must have got a new PC over Christmas or your birthday and it is the latest one which is Windows 8.1 compatible. So, let us check out some of the easiest and best tricks to increase the productivity. The following are some of them –

  • Booting the desktop: If you are quite new to the Windows 8 experience, then you must have been sometimes irked by the interface tweaks which is common among the Windows usage. But with this new OS, it is a different story. In the Windows 8.1, it is easy for the users to boot directly on to the desktop. But somewhat this feature has to be extensively activated manually. For doing this, you simply have to right-click the option given in the Taskbar, go to Properties and select the Navigation tab. After that you have to go to the Start screen which is given at the bottom panel and tick the first option which would display the following message ‘ When I Close or Sign In All Apps on Screen, Go to the Desktop Instead of Start’. After that, you have to click OK or Apply.
  • Proper Start Button: In the recent Windows 8.1 version, a dumbed down Start option has been introduced. And the best part is that there is range of various other alternatives for bringing them back to the extensive and full-featured version of Windows 7. The most popular one is Classic Shell and it is free to use. Additionally, the version-4 is very much compatible with the Windows 8.1.
  • Re-Start the Libraries: By default the library feature is disabled in Microsoft. But somewhat this can be easily reactivated. Now for doing this, you would have to open up the ‘Windows Explorer’, select the ‘View’ and choose the option ‘Option’. Then you need to tick the Show libraries present in the navigation pane for reactivating the various given features.
  • Uninstall and Remove the Unrequired Applications: In Windows 8.1, there is a special feature which allows users to choose multiple applications and get them uninstalled even at the same time. If you do plan or feel to do this, then you need to right click on the ‘Start’ screen and then ‘Customize’ the given option. After that, you can click the particular application which you want to uninstall.
  • Disable Charms: The Charms present in the latest Windows 8 can somewhat speed up to access the given menus. However, sometimes the users can find the activating menus using their mouse and get them disabled.