Right now the hardest aspect to nail down is the performance of the Windows 10. Testing this new operating system which is going to ship on July 29th may not be as simple as a walk in the park. Why? Because the general public won’t have the basic idea of how to install the basic RTM version. As per most of the analyst, the software and hardware expert Microsoft is quite mum with regard to the various under the required changes.

Adding more insult to the given injury is that the hardware partner of Microsoft is handcuffed from making any kind of statement regarding the operating system. One thing is confirmed. Among the various kinds of changes which have been implemented in Windows 8, the changes in the graphics performance of Windows 10 is something to watch out for. And the interesting aspect is that this is applicable for Microsoft operating system which has the DirectX 12.


Windows 8 vs. Windows 10

There has been a various earlier test which have shown that the OS performance has resulted in gains which are even though smaller but something to really watch out for. For testing, you can use two kinds of identical spectrum – HP Spectre x360 laptops. In this one had created the 10240 run Windows 10 Version –Home. This is something which has been blessed by Microsoft as one of the reviewable codes. While the other one had the Windows 8.1 Version – Home.

Additionally, one thing to notice is that both the laptops do have same type of screen, memory space of 8GB LPDDR3, same kind of battery, 128 GB of SSD model and have the same kind of the Intel Core i5-5200U Central Process Unit which have the same kind of BIOS. And interesting another type of the OS’s have the same kind of feature.

Various initial tests were done, but it still was not covered as expected. Of course, there was some improvement in terms of battery, improvement of a file system and even in other areas which have of course would be needing to be buffed by Microsoft. So, once a proper ISO related to the OS, the clean installation is something which people would feel have got a better performance. There are other kinds of testing in terms of OS performances which provides a great kind of challenges.

As per most of analyst, there are various benchmarks which are simply designed for testing the hardware and even with regard to the OS. For example, if you check out the Cinebench R15, you can see this is nothing but a pure example of the testing of the CPU and have created a great amount of impact for the OS.

To conclude, Windows 10 might seem to provide a less and irrelevant performance advantage with regard to the Windows 8 in terms of the mainstream test. But it does not mean that you have to be negative and there is no need for it. As per Microsoft, a lot of modifications are being planned by Microsoft and still there are talks about it.