Skype ditches its upgradation service for Windows 8.

The popular video chat app of Microsoft, the Skype, will no more create the update for Windows 8 app. It has planned to go back its conventional desktop version app.

Microsoft product Skype is backing it away from the interfaces which are touch centric in Windows 10. In a press brief, the Skype team has announced that the Skype is planning to ditch the modern version of the Windows – Window 8 – of its video messaging app on the personal computers on July 7, 2015. Later, the nest update will bring the desktop release.

The Skype, in one of its statement, says that it wants to “simplify”  its experience and that simplification will be around a single program that anyone use the mouse and keyboard as well as touch screen. The reason behind the argument of abandoning the touch-centric interface is that what it says in its statement, “people prefer the desktop version app more; it is easier for the user to navigate and requires no scrolling. Some other feature of the app like sharing the screen might influence you to stick with.

The immediate shift will influence neither Windows RT nor the Skype features to make interlink with Windows 10. But without any doubt, the traditional desktop based software with great popularity will advance forward.

Over the years, Skye has been a popular video messaging app for the computers and introduced its mobile version since the inception of Android phone. The app is also available for the Windows phone also. The recent announcement of the Skype to ditch the update for its Windows 8 is to achieve the popularity in desktop version application which never allow scrolling