Probably, you don’t like the arrangement what is on your Windows 8.1 desktop if you have used Windows 7 of XP earlier! If you don’t like this at all, here are few ways that can make your operating system more bearable.

  1. Get the Desktop easily

Get the desktop easily without watching or managing those tiles! Put your cursor on the toolbar and right click on it and then click on properties, navigation and check the box written “ when I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start.” This simple job will give you the chance to get rid of handling the desktop tiles.

  1. Change the apps of Windows 8.1

Many of us hate the Widows 8 tablet-esque apps while viewing photos. To them, it is the weirdest app.

Don’t worry! Now, you can easily change it. Take your mouse pointer to the right bottom of the screen and then hit “settings”. Then go to “change PC settings,” next “search and apps” and then “go to defaults.” Edit all default apps that the Windows uses. Now you will get rid of photo viewing in the pre-packaged apps mode of mobile, which came with Windows 8.

  1. Remove irksome apps

When you have all the perfectly accessible programs with you, then why to deal with a number of apps which are difficult to handle? If you want to eliminate them, then follow this – settings> change PC settings> PC and devices>disk space. This page will take a little bit time to load. Once the page is loaded, hit “see my app sizes.” This time, you will be able to see the all pre-loaded apps. Select the ones that you want to uninstall.

  1. Arrange your apps

You are allowed to arrange your Windows 8.1 apps in several different ways. At the very beginning, go to your start screen and hit the down-facing arrow which is placed in the lower left corner which will take you to the apps screen. You can choose the order by hitting the big box next to the “Apps” which is on the top of the left corner. Now, pick them and arrange them in different order like “by date installed,” “by Name,” or “by most use,” or “by category.”

  1. Make your computer’s start button more useful

Right-click on the desktop, then hit “properties” and after that “navigation.” Now, check the box saying “Show the Apps view automatically when I go to start.” Instead of the start screen, this will show you a number of apps while hitting the start button.

  1. Shut down your PC without difficulty

In Windows 8, there was no easily defined way to shut down your computer. You did it either by dragging your pointer to the corner or using your start screen. Now all you can do is to click the right button of the mouse on the start button and then click on shut down. It is very simple.

  1. Regain your start button

Windows 8.1 has brought you a new start function which is completely different from the start button of windows 7 or XP. To many, it seems difficult as the useless tiles don’t carry any sense to them.

To regain the proper start button of windows 7 or XP, you can go for an app known as the Classic Shell. It’s a third party app. Immediately, after downloading the app, you will see something new which will appear like the old start button. You can’t expect it like the start button of windows 7 or XP, but it is far better than nothing.

Windows 8.1 has a lot of interesting features if you would like to use them. But what has been explained before you will keep you away from thinking about Windows 7 for a moment.