Microsoft Hardware is announcing new mice and keyboards that are designed to take advantage of Windows 8. These new mice and keyboards will help people interact with their Windows 8 PCs and devices. They will be perfect companions to Windows 8. The Wedge Mobile Keyboard is designed specifically to be used with tablets. It seamlessly connected to my tablet via Bluetooth with no trouble at all. Within seconds You can have a physical keyboard to use to write this post with.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard ’s got a full size keyboard yet has a minimalist, lightweight design that makes it super easy to carry around with You. It’s also stylish. It definitely looks pretty slick. This keyboard features the new Windows logo as seen in Windows 8 for the Start button – which is an easy way to get back to my Start screen (which is the dashboard to everything that is important to me). It also has Windows 8-specific “hot keys” which represent how the apps can work together in Windows 8 (charms) – Search, Share, Device and Settings. The keyboard has Quick access to the Share.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard also has media keys for volume and playback control.

To protect the keyboard from getting banged up and scratched while on the go, it comes with a durable cover that sort of “clamps” on to the keyboard at the sides. The cover will also turn the keyboard off when you “clamp” it on, saving the battery, and turns it back on when you take it off. 

The cover is made of a rubber material that doesn’t just protect the keyboard. Easy to carry the keyboard and tablet together and the rubber material of the cover for the keyboard prevents the tablet from getting scratched and scuffed up. It also works great when both the keyboard and tablet are put together in a bag. The cover also has one other purpose…The cover bends at the middle to be used as a tablet stand. 

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard will be available soon for $79.95 (U.S.). The Wedge Mobile Keyboard also has a little brother – the Wedge Touch Mouse.

The Wedge Touch Mouse is a stylish little mouse that fits in your pocket. There is no USB transceiver with this mouse – like the Wedge Touch Keyboard, it seamlessly connected to my tablet via Bluetooth. But this mouse isn’t just great with tablets – it can be used with any PC or device and works especially well in limited working spaces. And it features BlueTrack Technology so it works great on virtually any surface. The Wedge Touch Mouse also has four-way touch scrolling. Oh, and to save battery life – it will power down and go into sleep along with the PC or device it’s paired to. 

The Wedge Touch Mouse will be available soon for $69.95 (U.S.).


 Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

The Sculpt Mobile Keyboard has been updated for Windows 8 and like the other devices I’ve mentioned, it too connects via Bluetooth and can be a great traveling companion. It features the same Windows 8-specific “hot keys” mentioned above with the Wedge Mobile Keyboard and has the Comfort Curve design that helps position the hands and wrists to be in a more natural resting position. To save battery life, it will power down and go into sleep mode after inactivity.

The Sculpt Mobile Keyboard will be available soon for $49.95 (U.S.).



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