Computers with the next version of the Windows operating system, Windows 8, will be on sale in October this year. The announcement was made by Microsoft in Toronto, but a specific sales date was not announced. According to most of the analysts, the Windows 8 PCs will be available in the market during the holiday period so that more and more customers could go for it.

Those customers and businesses, which do not want to buy Windows 8 will have the option to upgrade their system. Though the versions of Windows come out in the market every three years, Windows 8 is the most awaited Windows Version in the recent time.

The applications will appear in a mosaic of tiles on Windows 8. The Windows 8 has been designed in such way that it can run of the personal computers as well as on the touchscreen tablet devices. To give a tough competition to the Apple’s iPad, the hot selling device of the recent time, Microsoft will develop its own tablet that will run on Windows 8.

The price of the tablet has not been announced by the company but it will be given the name Surface. The company is hopeful that the future will be only for Surface and there will be no other device.