Microsoft has gotten rid of the start button from the latest build of Windows 8. ¬†Screenshots of the new Windows 8 build display the “super bar,” but without the start button orb on the left, according to The Verge. Build 8220 will be the final version released before the beta, now known as the Consumer Preview, debuts before the end of the month. Until its untimely (or timely) death, the Windows 8 start button located in the Metro UI offered access to the search, share, devices, and settings panels. The Windows start button in the desktop simply returned you to the Metro UI. To replace the start button, Microsoft will reportedly turn that space into a hot corner, sources told The Verge.

Hovering your mouse or swiping your finger over that spot will bounce you back and forth between the Metro UI and the desktop in an attempt to offer a more consistent experience between the two environments.

Windows 8 start button - ( Lance W./CNET )

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