While consumers and many businesses might be interested to learn more about Microsoft’s plans for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, enterprise administrators are also likely to be interested in learning more about the Windows Server 8 OS.

ZDNet.com reports that during Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference today the company gave attendees the first real look at what Windows Server 8 has to offer. Both Windows 8 and Windows Server 8 should be released around the same time.

The article states that one of the new features in Windows Server 8 will be Hyper-V Replica. This new feature will allow for “asynchronous virtual machine replication.” In English, that means that users of the operating system will be able to “replicate their mission-critical database to an offsite data vendor.” Microsoft says that it will allow a number of third party “storage, datacenter and software/service providers” to use this new feature, which is usually provided by third party software. It also won’t charge any additional Windows Server 8 license fees if server operators want to replicate the OS via a virtual machine. Microsoft also stated that Hyper-V Replica will allow for over 16 virtual processors to be run per machine.

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