There have been all manner of rumours about Windows 8 in the last few months and some of them have proven to be true.  Respected ZD Net journalist Mary-Jo Foley has come into some information on Microsoft’s planned timetable for their next generation OS.

According to one of her sources the Windows 8 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) date will be April 2012.  The source also claims the beta will be released this September at the BUILD Conference 2011 (this takes place between September 13th and 16th).

Now I’m not so certain what to believe on this score and I’m usually loathe to repeat rumours.  However let’s look at this logically.  I myself have been expecting Microsoft to formally announce Windows 8 this coming September for one reason.  This being that the company desperately needs a good showcase of Windows 8 tablets and laptops at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.  This show always takes place around the 4th January, which is a good couple of weeks before Microsoft shows kick off, later that month.

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